Propero 4

We set out to design a high-performance race helmet that delivers performance for more riders—from new racers to veteran KOM/QOM collectors. Get all the details from the big brains at Specialized University on the all-new Propero 4.%

  • Aerodynamics

    Your helmet is one of the best places to find an aero advantage, so we took full advantage of our CFD and our Win Tunnel to test and shape the Propero 4. The result? The Propero 4 is four watts faster than our S-Works Prevail 3. That adds up to 15 seconds faster over 40km.

  • Ventilation

    In addition to pulling ventilation innovations from our S-Works Prevail 3, we developed a new way of increasing air flow with the Propero 4—Micro Channeling. 2mm offset micro-channels create turbulence in the airflow throughout the helmet to maximize cooling.

  • Five Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™

    The Propero 4 has earned a 5-star rating, the highest rating, from the Virginia Tech testing lab—internationally recognized as the industry standard for independent 3rd party helmet testing