Delivering everything you could want from a hardtail:

The Epic World Cup is the fastest XC race bike in the world on smooth to moderately technical courses thanks to its unmatched combination of efficiency, control, and light-weight.


Absurdly light 1,765-gram frame, unmatched BB and torsional rigidity, and radical shock technology deliver category leading efficiency. Thanks to independently adjustable positive and negative air springs the Specialized conceived SID WCID shock gives the Epic World Cup hardtail “snap," AND with terrain-devouring control and capability—plus the ability to personalize set-up to a course conditions and riding style.


Compared to a hardtail or lesser suspension bikes, the Epic World Cup keeps your tires on the ground a greater percentage of the time, directly translating to more control. More control means more speed. Torsional rigidity through the entire system - bars to chassis, to wheels, make for peerless agility and precision handling.


With a frame weight of just 1,765 grams (painted with shock and all hardware), the Epic World Cup edges out the lightest of competitors. This translates to faster acceleration, more efficient climbing, and more agile handling. And all of that adds up to speed.