Torch 3.0

We set out to design a high-performance road shoe that delivers comfort and efficiency to riders who consistently push themselves on the bike. Get all the details from the big brains at Specialized University on the all-new Torch 3.0.

  • Body Geometry

    The Torch 3.0, like every Body Geometry shoe, delivers a pain-freeincrease in power that’s validated by scientific testing with three patentedtechnologies: Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch, and Metatarsal Button. 

  • Efficiency

    Mirroring its S-Works counterpart, The Torch 3.0 features a lightweight,unidirectional carbon plate that delivers balanced stiffness throughout theshoe, resulting in efficient power transfer to your pedals.

  • Comfort

    The Torch 3.0 combines balanced stiffness with incremental fit adjustments and asupple, seamless upper for the perfect package for maximum comfort.

  • Confidence

    Rubber grips on the outsole of the toe and heel provide grip for pushing off from a stoplight or a seamless transition off the bike and into your local coffee shop.